Personal Study Plan Chapter Progress / Score Calculations

Personal Study Plan® chapter quiz scores weight student performance for each included section equally. This helps ensure that mastery is based on understanding all of the sections in the chapter and provides fair scoring for all students.

Each Personal Study Plan chapter quiz includes two randomly selected questions from each section of the chapter. When calculating the chapter quiz score:

  • Each section score is the percentage of question parts answered correctly for the two questions covering that section.
  • The section scores are averaged to determine the chapter score.

For example, see the scores for two students in the table below. Each student received different questions with different numbers of possible points for each section.

Dick Jane
Section 1
Q1         3/4
Q2         1/2
SCORE      4/6    66.7% 
Q1         3/3
Q2         1/1
SCORE      4/4   100.0% 
Section 2
Q3         2/3
Q4         5/5
SCORE      7/8    87.5% 
Q3         3/4
Q4         4/4
SCORE      7/8    87.5% 
Section 3
Q5         1/4
Q6         1/2
SCORE      2/6    33.3% 
Q5         4/5
Q6         2/2
SCORE      6/7    85.7% 
AVERAGE           62.5% 
AVERAGE           91.1% 

The chapter score is not based on the total correct / possible points for the chapter quiz because that would weight individual chapter sections differently for different students.