Rounding Values in WebAssign

Some textbooks specify different rules for rounding. Regardless of the rules used in a given textbook, when numeric values are rounded in WebAssign, they are always rounded away from zero if the rounding digit is 5.

This rounding rule is sometimes called "rounding up" but "away from zero" better describes the rule for negative values.

For example:
Original Value Rounded to Rounded Value
7.652 tenths place 7.7
7.652 hundredths place 7.65
7.652 two significant figures 7.7
-7.652 tenths place -7.7
-7.652 hundredths place -7.65
-7.652 two significant figures -7.7
Note In many cases, the default tolerances of ±2% or ±1 at the last significant digit allow you to round differently and be considered correct. Your instructor might have specified different tolerances.