Incorrect Characters Displayed When Typing in Some Questions

Sometimes in Flash-based question types, such as NumberLine or the graphing tool, the characters that are displayed in your answer are not the characters you typed. Instead, random numbers are displayed. Or, your answer might not be visible because the text is white on a white background.

This problem could also occur in Flash-based learning materials associated with your course. It occurs only on Windows computers.

This problem is caused by the GuardedID security program, which provides protection against keylogging spyware. Unfortunately, GuardedID can also interfere with normal operation of some gaming applications and WebAssign tools.

GuardedID is installed as part of the Comcast Xfinity Constant Guard Protection Suite, and might also be included in other security packages.

To resolve this problem, either uninstall GuardedID or disable it while you are using WebAssign. Instructions are available on the GuardedID Web Site at