Blackboard Not Available

If the Blackboard® system is unavailable, you can sign in to WebAssign directly if you have previously set your WebAssign password.

WebAssign accounts generated by Blackboard do not have passwords because authorization is performed by the Blackboard system. Before you can sign in to WebAssign directly, you must set your password using the steps described here.

  1. Sign in to WebAssign through Blackboard.
  2. Write down your WebAssign username.

    Your username is displayed in the top right corner of the WebAssign page.

  3. Set your email address in WebAssign.

    You need an email address in order to reset your password.

  4. Reset your password.

    Since Blackboard does not create a WebAssign password for you, you need to reset your password in order to create a password.

After noting your WebAssign username and creating your password, you can sign in to WebAssign directly.

If you need help with your account, submit a help request.