Working on an assignment consists of answering questions on the assignment and then submitting your answers to WebAssign. Depending on the question, you might type your answer in a text box, select a multiple-choice answer, graph a function, enter chemistry notation, or use a number of other tools to specify your answer. The question might have one part or many parts.

Question Type Example

Use the calcPad tool to enter a correctly formatted mathematical expression.

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Use chemPad to enter chemical formulas and equations that are automatically displayed in correct chemical notation.

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Type an extended textual answer to the question in the box provided.

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File Upload

Electronically submit a file containing your work, for example, an Excel spreadsheet or a research paper.

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Type a word or short answer into the answer box provided.

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Plot figures on a Cartesian coordinate plane.

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Click on the place in the image that answers the question.

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Use the Java Molecular Editor (JME) tool to draw chemical structures for your response.

question displaying answer box and two buttons: Open JME Editor and Restore Saved Drawing. JME Editor frame with tools palette and partly drawn molecule
Marvin JS

Draw chemical structures for your response. Marvin JS supports drawing and grading of Lewis structures, reactions, and mechanisms.

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Match items in one column to corresponding items in a second column.

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Math (Calculator Notation)

Type an answer using calculator notation.

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Use the mathPad tool to enter a correctly formatted mathematical expression

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Click the green arrows to expand or collapse the answer field and type your answers in the blanks.


Expandable matrix question

Select a single response from a list of mutually exclusive choices.

question with a list of option buttons question with a drop-down list

Select one or more responses from a list of non-exclusive choices.

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Either plot points, intervals, or inequalities on a number line graph, or drag labeled points to the correct position on a number line.

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Type a numerical answer and optionally a unit.

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Use the physPad tool to enter a correctly formatted mathematical expression that might include symbols used in physics.

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Show My Work

Explain your reasoning or the process you used to answer the question.

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