Change Email Address

Edit your Cengage email address from the My Account page.

Note This feature is not available for K-12 students who sign in to their courses through NGLSync.
  1. Sign in to Cengage at webassign.net/login.html.

    Enter your Cengage email address and password. Then, click Sign In.


    Sign in with the last used ("old") email address. If you cannot remember this, contact Customer Support at 800.354.9706support.cengage.ca+44 (0)1264 332424+8610 8343 5158 (North Asia) or +65 6410 1206 (Southeast Asia)0120 684 13001300 790 853 (Australia) or 0800 449 725 (New Zealand)soporte.latam@cengage.com (Latin America) or suporte.brasil@cengage.com (Brazil).

  2. In the sidebar, click Your name  > My Profile.
  3. Type your new email address in Email.
  4. If you have not already done so, set any other required fields for your account.
    • Security Question/Security Answer
    • Time Zone
    • School/Company/Institution
    • Birth Year
  5. Click Save Changes.

Remember to use your new email address the next time you sign in.