Enroll in a WebAssign Course

If you have an NGLSync account, enroll in your course using its course key or registration link.


These instructions are for students who already have an NGLSync account. If you have never used NGLSync, see Create an NGLSync Account and Enroll in a WebAssign Course.

If you do not have a course key or registration link, ask your teacher.

Enroll Using a Course Key

  1. Sign in to your NGLSync account at nglsync.cengage.com.
  2. Click Add Course.
  3. Enter your course key and click Find.
  4. Click Register for Course.

Enroll Using a Registration Link

  1. Click the registration link or copy it into your browser.

    The Student Sign In page opens.

  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click Login.

Your NGLSync portal opens, showing the course you enrolled in.