The following calculus notation can be entered in Show My Work boxes.

Note: In addition to the keyboard shortcuts listed in this topic, some symbols can be typed using the keyboard shortcuts for your operating system; for example, you can press ALT + 0247 on Windows to type ÷.
Notation Keyboard Button Notes
Summation   Operators > summation button  
Summation with index   Operators > summation with index button  
Derivative   Calculus > derivative button  
Partial derivative   Calculus > partial derivative button  
Del   Calculus > del button  
Indefinite integral   Calculus > indefinite integral button  
Definite integral   Calculus > definite integral button  
Integral over a region   Calculus > integral over a region button  
Closed integral   Calculus > closed integral button  
Closed integral over a region   Calculus > closed integral over a region