eBooks and Printed Textbooks

eBooks generally contain the complete text of the printed textbook. Some eBooks also contain additional features and content not available in the printed textbook.

Depending on the class, eBook access for the primary textbook used in your class might be included with WebAssign access, eBook access might be an optional purchase, or no eBook might be available. eBooks might not be available for secondary textbooks.

Some textbooks are offered in textbook bundles that provide access to multiple corequisite textbooks for a single price. Textbook bundles include access to all eBooks and course materials in the bundle.

If an eBook is available for any of your classes, My eBooks My eBooks is displayed in your toolbar in WebAssign. Click My eBooks My eBooks to display a list of the eBooks that are available.

If an eBook is available for your class, decide whether to purchase eBook access or the printed textbook before you purchase WebAssign access for the class.

Each format has advantages and disadvantages, and you should determine which will work best for you.



Printed Textbook

  • Includes the full text along with all figures and tables.
  • Often includes additional content which might be interactive.
  • Includes the full text along with all figures and tables.

Varies by textbook, but usually includes many of the following:

  • Bookmarking
  • Highlighting
  • Annotating
  • Printing pages
  • Searching
  • Opening from assignment
  • Navigating using contents or page number
  • Viewing glossary definitions for terms in context
  • Bookmarking
  • Highlighting
  • Annotating

Highlighting or annotating a printed textbook might reduce its resale value or prevent you from being able to sell it.

  • With you wherever you have Internet access.
  • With you wherever you carry it.
Instructor Preference
  • Check with your instructor.
  • Check with your instructor.
  • Some older eBooks require either the free Flash plugin or the free Adobe Reader.
  • None.
  • eBooks can be zoomed to view as large text.
  • Most eBooks are readable by screen readers.
  • Printed textbook might be available in a Braille or audio edition.
  • Sometimes included with purchase of WebAssign access for your course.
  • When new, sometimes includes WebAssign access for one or more terms.
  • Cannot be transferred or sold.
  • Can often be sold at end of term for a portion of the purchase price.
  • Usually available only while enrolled in a class using that edition of the textbook; some eBooks can be downloaded and saved indefinitely.
  • Indefinitely.
Print / Download
  • Often limited by the publisher.
  • Not applicable.