Online Tutoring

Some textbooks provide direct links from textbook questions in your assignments to a third-party online tutoring service, along with free access for a trial period.

If this service is available for your textbook, a Talk to a Tutor or Ask a Tutor button is displayed in textbook questions on your assignments.

  1. In your assignment question, click Talk to a Tutor or Ask a Tutor.

    A new browser window opens for the tutoring service.

  2. If needed, confirm your acceptance of the tutoring service's license agreement.
  3. Use the features in the tutoring service.

You can purchase extra tutoring time from the tutoring service after the trial period is over. You can not purchase tutoring time from WebAssign. The free trial period is offered only once for each user account; if you have already used your trial period in another class, it will not be offered again.

  • Online tutoring is provided as a third-party service and is available only for certain textbooks.
  • Online tutors can not access your WebAssign assignments, scores, or grades. They can't grant extensions or provide help with the WebAssign application.
  • WebAssign is not responsible for the information or advice provided by an online tutor, or for the functionality or availability of the tutoring service.
  • Customer Support can not help you with using the online tutoring application.
  • Availability of the Talk to a Tutor or Ask a Tutor buttons in your WebAssign assignment does not indicate that tutors are currently available to help you or that you have any available tutoring time.