Answer Scored Tutorial Questions

Tutorial questions have multiple parts that are completed sequentially to help you work through learning a concept. Scored tutorial questions are displayed in your assignment and count toward your assignment score.

  1. Try to answer the first part of the question.
    tutorial question
    • If you think you know the answer, enter it and click Submit.

      Your answer is scored. If your answer is incorrect, you can continue to submit new answers until you either answer the question correctly or run out of submissions. The maximum number of submissions is set by your instructor.

    • If you cannot answer the question, click Skip.
    After you answer the part correctly, use all of your submissions, or skip the part:
    • The answer key is shown for that part of the tutorial.
    • The next part of the tutorial is shown.
  2. Try to answer the next part of the tutorial in the same way.
    Continue to answer each tutorial part until you reach the end of the tutorial question.
Important You do not receive any credit for parts that you skip.