Ask Your Teacher for Help With a Question

You can send an Ask Your Teacher message to your instructor for any assignment question.

Note Ask Your Teacher messages go only to authorized instructors and TAs for your class. If you are having a problem with WebAssign, contact Customer Support.

You can't send Ask Your Teacher messages if your instructor turned off the Ask Your Teacher feature for your class or if your assignment was opened with LockDown Browser®.

  1. Click Ask Your Teacher in the question header.
  2. Type your message.

    Provide as much detail as you can so your instructor can give you useful advice. Enter any specific concerns you might have.

  3. Click Send.

Your message is sent to your instructor and an icon Ask your teacher message sent is displayed in the question header.

Your instructor will be notified about your message when she signs in to WebAssign. She might choose not to reply to your message, or might prefer to answer you in person.

If your instructor believes the question itself is not working correctly, she can report a question error to WebAssign.

Best Practice
  • Be prompt. If you have a question, don't wait until the last minute to ask.
  • Be patient. Your instructor is probably not signed in to WebAssign 24/7, just waiting for you to ask a question.
  • Be flexible. If your instructor prefers that you ask questions during office hours or in class, respect that choice.