Enter Access Codes to Verify Purchase

If you have an access code for your class, enter it in WebAssign to verify payment for the class.

  1. Verify that the access code prefix (on the outside of the access code card or envelope) is valid for the textbook edition used in your class. Go to webassign.net/user_support/student/cards.html and search for your textbook edition.

    The access code prefix is a series of characters — for example, EWA-STB or OpenStax-S. Don't reveal the full access code until you verify that the prefix is valid for your class. If needed, contact Customer Support.

  2. Sign in to WebAssign.
  3. If necessary, select your class.

    If you need to purchase access, a notice is displayed indicating when your grace period expires.

    After the end of the grace period, you must either purchase access online or enter an access code.

  4. Click Enter Access Code or Purchase Access.

    All of the classes for which you need to purchase access are listed. For some classes, you might be able to select among two or more options—for example, if you can purchase an optional eBook or multi-term access.

  5. Enter your access code and click Redeem.

    If you believe that you have a valid access code for your class but it is not accepted, contact Customer Support.

If your access code is valid, a message confirms that you have successfully entered an access code. You will not see the notice about entering an access code again for this class.