Open an Assignment

You can open an assignment to view it or work on assignment questions from either your Home page or My Assignments page for a class.

Note Your instructor can make assignments unavailable at any time. You might not be able to open some or all assignments after the due date.
From your Home or My Assignments page for a class, click the name of an assignment.

If needed:

  • Read any notices.
  • Enter the assignment password.
  • Click Launch Assignment.

If needed, your instructor will give you the assignment password. The assignment password is case-sensitive and is not the same as your account password.

If you have not met a prerequisite for starting the assignment, a faded Conditional is displayed and clicking the assignment name will list the prerequisite instead of opening the assignment. Either complete the listed prerequisite or ask your instructor to waive it for you.

At the top of the assignment, you can see summary information about the assignment, including your score for the entire assignment and for individual questions, the assignment due date and time, and any assignment instructions or access restrictions that have been added by your instructor.

The assignment questions are displayed in order after the summary information. For each question, the available and earned points are listed.