View a Personal Study Plan Tutorial

You can view tutorial materials for every section of the textbook included in a Personal Study Plan®.

Tutorial materials might include videos, interactive examples, or reading material, depending on your textbook. After you have taken a chapter or practice quiz, the tutorial materials that relate to questions you missed for the section are listed as suggestions.

These materials are displayed for one reason only: to give you the supporting learning material you need to be successful in the course. The more you use them, the more you learn.

  1. Click Home.

    If necessary, select a class from the My Classes menu.

    If a Personal Study Plan is available, the Personal Study Plan panel is displayed on your Home page for the class.

  2. Click Personal Study Plan to open the Personal Study Plan panel.
  3. In the Personal Study Plan panel, click Overview or a chapter title.

    The Personal Study Plan Overview page opens. If you clicked a chapter title, that chapter is expanded and lists the sections of the chapter that are included in the Personal Study Plan.

  4. If needed, click expand icon to view the sections included in a chapter.
  5. Click Tutorial to the right of the progress bar for any section.
    The Personal Study Plan Tutorial page opens.
  6. Click the link for the tutorial that you want to view.
The tutorial opens.
Note Adobe® Flash® Player, version 10 or later is required. See Browser Plugins.
After you have finished using the tutorial, close it. You might be asked to rate the tutorial; rating tutorial materials is optional, and your rating is not shared with your instructor.