Practice Another

If enabled, you can click Practice Another at the top of an assignment question to work on a differently randomized version of the question. No credit is awarded for practice questions, but you can use them to test your understanding of the problem.

  1. From your Home or My Assignments page for a class, click the name of an assignment.

    If needed:

    • Read any notices.
    • Enter the assignment password.
    • Click Launch Assignment.
  2. In your assignment, click Practice Another at the top of a question.

    Depending on the assignment, Practice Another might be available only after a certain number of submissions, only after the due date, only before the due date, or not at all. Practice Another is not available for every question.

    A different randomization of the assignment question opens above the original question.

  3. Attempt the question and click Check Score to see whether you answered correctly.
  4. Optional: Show the answer key or try a different randomization.

    You must attempt the question first.

    To do thisDo this
    Show the answer key Click Show Answer.

    For some assignments, this might not be available.

    Try a different randomization Click Try Another.
  5. When you are finished, click Close to close the Practice Another version of the question.