Print an Assignment

You can print an assignment by clicking Print Assignment at the top of the Assignment page. Using Print Assignment formats the assignment to remove buttons and line breaks, and often prints using less paper than just using Print on your Web browser.

  1. From your Home or My Assignments page for a class, click the name of an assignment.

    If needed:

    • Read any notices.
    • Enter the assignment password.
    • Click Launch Assignment.
  2. Click Print Assignment Print Assignment.

    Your browser's print function is displayed.

    Your printed assignment displays summary information about the assignment, including your name, the instructor name, the class name, class section, class term, assignment category, assignment name, and the time and date the assignment was printed.

    Note Assignments that include large tables, large graphics, or complex layouts wider than the Print Assignment output format might not print as expected. Line breaks might be displayed oddly or text or graphics might be truncated. Changing printer format from Portrait to Landscape might help in some cases.