Review Your Personal Study Plan Scores

You can review your scores for chapter and practice quizzes on a Personal Study Plan®.

You might want to review your scores to see which sections you need to study, or to calculate your overall score for the Personal Study Plan, if it is part of your grade.

  1. Click Home.

    If necessary, select a class from the My Classes menu.

    If a Personal Study Plan is available, the Personal Study Plan panel is displayed on your Home page for the class.

  2. Click Personal Study Plan to open the Personal Study Plan panel.
  3. In the Personal Study Plan panel, click Overview or a chapter title.

    The Personal Study Plan Overview page opens. If you clicked a chapter title, that chapter is expanded and lists the sections of the chapter that are included in the Personal Study Plan.

  4. If needed, click expand icon to view practice quiz scores for a chapter.

Your scores are displayed on the Personal Study Plan Overview page.

Note Only your most recent scores are shown. If you took a chapter quiz more recently than a practice quiz in that chapter, the practice quiz score reflects your score for questions on the chapter quiz that relate to that section.

If the Personal Study Plan is part of your grade, you can calculate your overall Personal Study Plan score by averaging your chapter quiz scores. Add up all of your chapter quiz scores and then divide by the number of chapter quizzes. The weight of the Personal Study Plan toward your final grade is determined by your instructor.