Purchase WebAssign Access and eBooks Online

If your textbook did not include an access code card for WebAssign, you can purchase WebAssign access for your classes online.

Note Your WebAssign and Cengage accounts must be linked before you can purchase access.
Note Depending on the class, eBook access for the primary textbook used in your class might be included with WebAssign access, eBook access might be an optional purchase, or no eBook might be available. eBooks might not be available for secondary textbooks.Some textbooks are offered in textbook bundles that provide access to multiple corequisite textbooks for a single price. Textbook bundles include access to all eBooks and course materials in the bundle.

In order to purchase or use an eBook, you must be currently enrolled in a class in WebAssign that uses that textbook.

  1. Sign in to WebAssign.
  2. If necessary, select your class.

    If you need to purchase access, a notice is displayed indicating when your grace period expires.

    After the end of the grace period, you must either purchase access online or enter an access code.

  3. Click Enter Access Code or Purchase Access.
  4. Select the items you want to purchase and click Continue.
  5. Review the items in your cart and click Start Secure Checkout.

    Depending on your address and what you are purchasing, some or all of your order might be subject to sales tax.

  6. Enter your billing address and click Next, Choose Payment.
  7. Select your payment method and enter your payment information.

    To use a credit card:

    1. Select the credit card icons.
    2. Enter your card information.
    3. Confirm your agreement to the terms of service.
    4. Click Check Out with Credit Card.

      The payment might take a few moments.

    5. When payment is complete, click Get to Work.

    To use PayPal:

    1. Select the PayPal icon.
    2. Click Check Out with PayPal.
    3. Complete your purchase on the PayPal site.
    • If you need to contact Customer Support regarding this transaction, provide the transaction ID from your receipt.
    • If you drop a class, you can request a refund within 14 days of the purchase date.

You have access to the classes or eBooks that you purchased for the duration of the terms for which you purchased them.