View Instructor Comments for Show My Work

After you show your work on an assignment, your instructor or a TA can change the score or add comments and files to help you better understand the material. Review these comments when studying for a quiz, test, or examination.

  1. From your Home or My Assignments page for a class, click the name of an assignment.

    Acknowledge any notices or enter the assignment password and click Continue.

    Note: If you have not met a prerequisite for starting the assignment, a faded conditional assignment icon is displayed and clicking the assignment name will list the prerequisite instead of opening the assignment. Either complete the listed prerequisite or ask your instructor to waive it for you.
  2. Navigate to a Show My Work question part.
    Your instructor's comments and your score for each Show My Work question part are displayed below your answer.
    question with a score and comment displayed below the show my work box for the question
  3. Optional: If your instructor provided any files to help you, click the file name to open the file.
    Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted to save the file or to open it with another application on your computer.