Upload a File to Show Your Work

You can upload one or more files that explain how you arrived at your answer. You can also open or remove files that you uploaded.

Before uploading a file, prepare it to ensure that it can easily be viewed.
Image files
  • Use one of the following standard file formats: PNG, GIF, JPG.
  • Make sure your picture is clear and that your work can easily be read.
  • Make sure your picture shows all of your work and is not missing anything at the top, bottom, or sides.
  • Crop your picture so that it shows only your work and nothing else.
Documents, presentations, or spreadsheets Use the file format and version specified by your instructor. If your instructor did not specify a file format, consider saving your document in a standard format like PDF to ensure that your instructor can open it.
  1. In the Uploaded Files section of the Show My Work question part, click upload file button Upload File.
    A file browser window opens.
  2. Select the file that you want to upload.
  3. Depending on your browser, click either Open or Choose.
    The file you uploaded is displayed in the Uploaded Files list.
    uploaded file list showing an uploaded file
  4. Optional: You can open or remove a file that you uploaded.
    • To open a file, click its name in the Uploaded Files list. Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted to save the file or to open it with another application on your computer.
    • To remove a file, click remove file, and then click OK to confirm that you want to remove it.