A Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment 1st edition

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Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood
Publisher: Self Published Works

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  • Chapter 1: A Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment
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The Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment (BEMA) developed by R. Chabay and B. Sherwood, assesses student understanding of basic electricity and magnetism concepts. It is written for college-level calculus-based introductory courses. It covers topics which are common to both traditional and non-traditional curricula.

WebAssign offers this assessment at no charge to educators wishing to administer BEMA online for the express purpose of assessing student learning. The entire 31 item multiple choice assessment is offered here as a single question to ensure proper grading and to protect the integrity of the test. Please do not edit this assessment to extract individual items, provide answers to the items to your students, or use the title "BEMA" when administering the assessment–such usage is prohibited by our agreement with the authors. The assessment should not be treated like a traditional homework assignment; it should only be made available to students during a monitored time period.

If you have adopted WebAssign and would like to administer BEMA as part of your WebAssign course, you can simply add the Brief E&M Assessment additional resource to your course. WebAssign has also created a pre-made assignment with recommended settings that will allow you to administer the assessment as intended. To use the pre-made assignment, please search for the E&M Survey assignment ID 5171228, and simply schedule it to a course you have created. We also strongly recommend that you schedule this assignment as a password-protected, timed assessment using WebAssign's LockDown Browser. To read more about scheduling, please refer to our Instructor Help System: Scheduling Tests.

Adopting BEMA also grants access to the PDF version of the assessment and a spreadsheet used for manual grading (not necessary if administered online through WebAssign), both of which can be found in your class Resources. A PDF copy of BEMA and supplemental resources may also be found at the ComPADRE Digital Library.

A study of the reliability and discriminatory power of BEMA may be found at:

Ding, L., Chabay, R., Sherwood, B., & Beichner, R. (2006). Evaluating an electricity and magnetism assessment tool: Brief electricity and magnetism assessment. Phys. Rev. ST Phys. Educ. Res. 2, pp. 010105-1-7.

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Chapter 1: A Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment
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