Getting Started with WebAssign 1st edition

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  • 1: Developmental Mathematics (24)
  • 2: Calculus (23)
  • 3: Physics (18)
  • 4: Chemistry (15)
  • 5: Statistics (18)
  • 6: Engineering (20)
Getting Started questions are a great way to introduce your students to WebAssign. These assignments are not intended to evaluate the students' knowledge of the subject matter, but we recommend they be used at the start of the term to gently introduce students to the WebAssign experience.

When you select this Additional Resource collection as you create your course, you will find questions for 5 different disciplines: Developmental Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, and Engineering. You can create your own assignment from all the questions in the chapter, or you can use one of these pre-made assignments with the appropriate settings selected to maximize the effectiveness of this material.

To use a pre-made assignment, please search for the assignment ID number given in parentheses below, and simply schedule it to a course you have created. To read more about scheduling, please refer to our Instructor Help System

  • Getting Started with WebAssign - Mathematics (Search for Assignment ID 5969592)
  • Getting Started with WebAssign - Calculus (Search for Assignment ID 5969651)
  • Getting Started with WebAssign - Physics (Search for Assignment ID 5969658)
  • Getting Started with WebAssign - Chemistry (Search for Assignment ID 4555794)
  • Getting Started with WebAssign - Statistics (Search for Assignment ID 13973878)
  • Getting Started with WebAssign - Engineering (Search for Assignment ID 16182723)

Not all of the questions available with this resource appear in the assignments listed above. The remaining questions can be effectively used by duplicating the pre-made assignment and adding questions as you see fit or by inserting a particular question in your own assignment that covers a relevant concept. In particular the questions that cover the graphing tool can be best used as a way for students to explore the tool just before they need it.

The questions in these assignments are designed especially to coincide with the types of questions that are available in the textbook that you have selected for your class. They utilize several useful WebAssign assignment features, such as :

  • Answer Format Tips
  • Hints and Feedback
  • Multiple Submission Attempts

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GRAY questions are under development

Group Quantity Questions
Chapter 1: Developmental Mathematics
1.1 24 001.MC 002.MC 003.MC_graphs 004.numerical 005.mathPad 006.mathPad 007.graphing 008.numberline 009.numberline 010.tutorial 011.numerical.mathPad 011.numerical.mathPad.PUalt 012.mathPad 013.mathPad 014.mathPad 015.mathPad 016.graphing 017.graphing 018.graphing 019.graphing 020.graphing 021.graphing 022.previous 023.Help
Chapter 2: Calculus
2.1 23 001.MC 002.MC 003.MC_graphs 004.numerical 005.calcPad 006.calcPad 007.graphing 008.tutorial 009.numerical.calcPad 010.calcPad 011.calcPad 012.calcPad 013.calcPad 014.graphing 015.graphing 016.graphing 017.graphing 018.graphing 019.calcPad 019.graphing 020.previous 021.matrix 022.Help
Chapter 3: Physics
3.1 18 001.MC 002.MC 003.MC 004.MS 005.numerical 006.num_sigfigs 007.num_units 008.physPad 009.physPad 009.physPad.eng 010.image_map 011.tutorial 012.physPad 013.physPad 014.physPad 015.previous 016.physPad 017.Help
Chapter 4: Chemistry
4.1 16 001.MC 002.MC 003.MC 004.MS 005.image_map 006.numerical 007.num_units 008.num_sigfigs 009.physpad 010.chempad 011.chempad 012.marvinjs 013.marvinsketch 014.tutorial 015.previous 016.Help
Chapter 5: Statistics
5.1 18 001.MC 002.MC 003.MC_graphs 004.numerical 005.mathPad 006.mathPad 007.graphing 008.numberline 009.numberline 010.tutorial 011.numerical.mathPad 012.mathPad 013.mathPad 014.graphing 015.graphing 016.previous 017.linkouts 018.Help
Chapter 6: Engineering
6.1 20 001.MC 002.MC 003.MC_graphs 004.MS 005.numerical 006.numerical 007.num_sigfigs 008.num_units 009.matrix 010.tutorial 011.previous 012.graphing 013.graphing 014.graphing 015.physPad 016.physPad.eng 017.physPad 018.physPad 019.physPad 020.physPad
Total 119