Calculus: Early Transcendentals (Metric Version) 9th edition

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James Stewart, Daniel Clegg, and Saleem Watson
Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Stewart Calculus sets the foundation for students in STEM by emphasizing problem solving and presenting concepts with unparalleled clarity and precision. Selected and mentored by James Stewart, Daniel Clegg and Saleem Watson continue his legacy.

Getting to Know the New Authors of Stewart Calculus

Hear from James Stewart's hand-picked successors, Professors Saleem Watson and Dan Clegg, as they explain their mentorship under Stewart—and how their collective experience ensures the quality of Stewart Calculus will live on.

Approaching the New Edition of Stewart Calculus

Professors Saleem Watson and Dan Clegg are ensuring that the accuracy and quality students and instructors expect continues to be maintained. Learn about their approach and the improvements they're making to the new edition.

Dan Clegg and Saleem Watson discuss how the new 9th edition with WebAssign provides unparalleled clarity and precision, emphasizes problem solving, and develops conceptual understanding.

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Questions Available within WebAssign

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Group Quantity Questions
 Chapter DT
DT.1 005b
 Chapter QP
QP.18 N.001.Reading
QP.20 N.001.Reading 009
QP.24 N.001.Reading
 Chapter 1
1 0  
 Chapter 2
2.PP 013
2.2 029.EP
2.3 JIT.003 046
2.4 012 015
2.5 047.MI
 Chapter 3
3 0  
 Chapter 4
4 0  
 Chapter 5
5.5 003.MI
 Chapter 6
6.2 EI.001
 Chapter 7
7.1 057
 Chapter 8
8 0  
 Chapter 9
9.3 010
 Chapter 10
10 0  
 Chapter 11
11.2 072
 Chapter 12
12.4 019
 Chapter 13
13 0  
 Chapter 14
14 0  
 Chapter 15
15 0  
 Chapter 16
16 0  
Total 0 (18)