Astronomy with Skynet: Our Place In Space! 1st edition

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Daniel Reichart
Publisher: Custom Labs

Access is contingent on use of this textbook in the instructor's classroom.

  • Lab 1: Introduction to Skynet
    • 1: In Lab (2)

  • Lab 2: Earth and the Seasons
    • 2: In Lab (2)

  • Lab 3: The Galilean Revolution: Earth's Place in the Solar System
    • 3: In Lab (1)

  • Lab 4: The Cosmic Distance Ladder I: Parallax
    • 4: In Lab (1)

  • Lab 5: The Cosmic Distance Ladder II: Standard Candles
    • 5: In Lab (1)

  • Lab 6: The Great Debate: The Solar System's Place in the Galaxy
    • 6: In Lab (1)

  • Lab 7: Hubble's Law: The Galaxy's Place in the Universe
    • 7: In Lab (1)

  • Lab 8: Hubble's Law: The Galaxy's Place in the Universe II
    • 8: In Lab (2)

  • Lab 9: Hubble's Constant: The Expansion Rate and Age of the Universe
    • 9: In Lab

In Astronomy with Skynet: Our Place In Space! students learn how to use robotic telescopes to observe planets, moons, asteroids, binary and variable stars, supernovae, star-forming regions, star clusters, and galaxies. Most of the labs require access to Skynet and Afterglow, resources provided by Dan Reichart at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Skynet is a network of robotic telescopes across the world that can be controlled over the Internet, serving professional astronomers, students, and the general public. For some of the labs, students take photos using telescopes on the Skynet system and then analyze them using programs such as Afterglow.

The WebAssign content for these labs includes a complete lab manual with instructions and corresponding questions for completing the lab assignment. Students enter their own data and grading for subsequent calculations are based on this initial data. This course contains eight interactive lab lessons on the topics listed below.

Question Group Key
IL - In Lab

Question Availability Color Key
BLACK questions are available now
GRAY questions are under development

Group Quantity Questions
 Chapter 1
1.IL 2 001 002
 Chapter 2
2.IL 2 001.globe 001.stellarium
 Chapter 3
3.IL 1 001
 Chapter 4
4.IL 1 001
 Chapter 5
5.IL 1 001
 Chapter 6
6.IL 1 001
 Chapter 7
7.IL 1 001
 Chapter 8
8.IL 2 001 002
 Chapter 9
9.IL 1 001
Total 12