Grade Sync Problems

Student grades in WebAssign do not sync to your LMS, or sync very slowly.

Slow grade syncing

WebAssign grades sync automatically with your LMS, but syncing is not instantaneous.

Important It can take up to 24 hours for scores to appear in your LMS.

If scores have not synced after 24 hours, you might have one of the following problems.

Students have not submitted or opened the assignment

Assignments scored ND (not downloaded) or NS (not submitted) do not automatically sync to the LMS and are not reflected in the LMS gradebook.


After the due date, manually sync scores to send ND and NS scores to the LMS as 0.

Ungraded assignments are not synced

WebAssign only syncs assignment scores that count toward student grades. Hidden and practice assignment scores are not synced.


Verify in WebAssign that the unsynced assignment is not hidden and counts toward the student's final grade.

Assignment not in LMS

Assignments must be added to the LMS to import scores from WebAssign.


Verify that the assignment is listed in the LMS gradebook. If not, add it to your LMS.

Other syncing problems

If the assignment is linked and configured correctly but still has not synced with your LMS after 24 hours, try manually pushing scores to your LMS.

If you are still having syncing problems, delete the linked assignment in your LMS, then add it again. Manually push assignment scores to your LMS.

If your syncing problems are not resolved, contact support at