Coding Custom Questions

One of WebAssign's most powerful features is the ability to quickly and easily create your own questions or modify existing questions.

WebAssign Creating Questions Guide

WebAssign's thorough online documentation will help you solve almost any problem.

Create Your Own Questions

Use our templates, or start from scratch with Mathematica, Matlab, MarvinSketch, or our wide selection of pads (mathPad, chemPad, calcPad) and our Graphing Tool.

Special symbols

Need special symbols including Greek letters, arrows, and mathematical notations? WebAssign has them built in.


WebAssign also speeds coding by providing numerous predefined prompts that save you from typing common instructions such as "factor your answer completely," "select all that apply," and "enter each vector in the form [x1, x2, ...]."


Want to ensure that an equation is displayed correctly? Use WebAssign's convenient shortcuts to create complex mathematical formulas, matrices, and chemical reactions.

You can even use Camtasia to embed online 'clicker' questions that are automatically scored and recorded in your gradebook.

Modify Existing Questions

Use our question editor to copy an existing question and make it your own. All of the tools listed above are available. Please remember that you must adhere to copyright laws if you choose to modify copyright material such as textbook questions. For example, you should remove all images and retain a citation to the original source.

Prefer a personal touch? WebAssign's expert technical staff is available to answer your questions or provide individualized training about coding assignment questions.